How to set up a company in Estonia as an e-resident?

How to set up a company in Estonia as an e-resident?
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Estonia is one of the most technologically-advanced countries in the world. It has been named “most digital state” by Forbes and ranked first in Europe for e-governance and e-services.

Estonia was one of the first countries to introduce internet voting for elections, as well as biometrics for identification documents. It also boasts one of the most secure digital identities in the world with its national ID card and smart signatures – all this makes Estonia an excellent choice for setting up your business!

What is E-Residency?

E-Residency is a government-issued digital identity that enables you to start and run an EU company online.

As a citizen of the EU, you’re entitled to live, work, study and do business anywhere in the European Union. But if you want to set up a business in another country you need to go through the local bureaucracy. If your business will be based online (as most are), it’s even harder—especially if you don’t speak the language or know the country well enough.

Estonia is one of only three countries in Europe with e-residency available; others include Andorra and Georgia. In Estonia, e-residency gives access not just to opening businesses but also getting legally binding documents signed at home with digital signatures on tablets or computers anywhere there's an internet connection—and these can be used as legal evidence when dealing with other governments or institutions around the globe too!

How can e-residents take advantage of the digital government services in Estonia?

With an e-Residency, you can:

  • Establish and manage a company in Estonia from anywhere in the world.
  • Manage your business, bank account and taxes online.
  • Sign documents digitally using the secure government portal.

How to set up a company in Estonia as an e-resident?

Opening a company in Estonia can be done remotely, without visiting the country or even your bank.

You will be able to open a company in Estonia without travelling to Estonia or visiting your bank or tax office.

You can also open a company in Estonia without having to go anywhere except the police station.

What are the advantages of opening an Estonian bank account for my company?

One of the main advantages of opening a bank account in Estonia as part of your e-Residency is that it can be done remotely. If you have an Estonian bank account, its status is also valid in Switzerland and other countries where remote banking services are available. The same goes for private persons who want to open an account in another country—they can do it online through their e-Residency digital ID or card.

This means that if you already have an Estonian bank account and you're traveling or moving abroad (or even just visiting), there's no need to change bank accounts simply because this service isn't available outside Estonia. You can keep using your existing one from wherever you go thanks to remote services!

Which banks can be opened by an e-resident?

As an e-resident, you can open a bank account at any of the following banks:

These banks will accept your application and help you to get started with remote services. They all offer special services for e-residents and some of them have better rates than others.

Can an e-resident open a bank account in Switzerland or other countries through remote services?

Yes, it is possible to open a bank account in Switzerland or another country using e-Residency. You can use your Estonian digital ID to sign documents remotely and facilitate the opening of an account at any bank in Switzerland or elsewhere.

For example, if you're applying for this service as an Estonian citizen who has already had a Swiss bank account for many years and now wants to continue working with the same institution remotely (for example, because their job requires them to travel frequently), then all that you need is your Swiss passport and eID card.

Alternatively, if you're thinking about starting a new relationship with another financial institution but want to keep things simple by using one of the existing ones instead of creating one from scratch (for instance), then all that's required is both copies of valid photo IDs issued by authorities recognized by law enforcement agencies around the world – i.e., government-issued driver licenses or passports not older than 10 years old).

How much does it cost to register as an E-Resident of Estonia?

The registration fee is EUR 50, and it's paid once. To renew an e-Residency card, you must pay a €100 tax to the Estonian government. The additional fees depend on the type of service you want to use:

  • Passport card (not available yet) - €50
  • Digital ID (identity card) - €50
  • Smart ID (electronic signature) - €50
  • Mobile banking (e-banking with MobileID) - Free

Open your business in Estonia today and start benefiting from our modern digital society.

Estonia is a small and innovative country situated at the heart of Europe. It's part of the European Union and has been a member of the Schengen area since 2004.

The Estonian government has been investing heavily in modern digital infrastructure, which makes it easy to start your business online. And because we're leaders in e-services, you can set up your company with just one click!


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