5 Best Cache Plugins for WordPres 2022

5 Best Cache Plugins for WordPres 2022

Caching, that is, caching certain pages, works by creating and storing a static version of the website, and presenting these created static pages to users who come to the website for the second time or more. Static pages prevent any lag, allowing content to load quickly. This means an increase in UX, that is, user experience.

The biggest reason why websites open slowly is the high number of queries. Javascript, CSS, video and image files cause the number of queries to increase and naturally the pages to be opened late. When these files are cached with WordPress Cache plugins, the number of queries decreases and naturally pages load faster.

Caching on WordPress systems is done in two ways. These include browser caching and server caching.

Browser caching: browser caching is based on reducing the number of requests on pages. Naturally, websites open faster when the number of browser requests decreases.

Server caching: using better servers, especially on high-traffic websites, increases the cost. In such cases, the entire server is cached, increasing server performance and website speed.

Best Cache Plugins for WordPress
WordPress, one of the most advanced website systems in the world, has many cache plugins. It is known that they have different features as well as their performances are different from each other. Under this title, we will give you information about the best WordPress cache plugins. We also want you to know that these plugins are the most preferred plugins by SEO experts.

1) WP Super Cache Plugin
WP Super Cache is one of the plugins with the most useful caching management. This plugin generates static HTML files for WordPress systems and serves these cached files to website visitors.

Highlights of this plugin include basic caching, advanced caching options, PHP-based caching, and API support. Especially if you don't need database caching, you can use the WP Super Cache plugin because the CPU consumption is not high.

2) W3 Total Cache Plugin
W3 Total Cache is the most preferred caching plugin of recent times. In addition to the caching system, this plugin includes many other improvement features. Thanks to its caching and other optimization features, it increases the speed of opening the web page, thereby increasing the in-site navigation and user experience. All this means better ranking in the serp results.

Page caching, database caching, object caching, in-memory caching, browser caching and fragment-based caching are among the prominent features of the W3 Total Cache plugin.

3) WP Fastest Cache Plugin
The easiest to use caching plugin in the WordPress world is undoubtedly the WP Fastest Cache plugin. Thanks to its additional features other than the caching system, it helps to increase website speeds significantly. Browser caching, CSS and HTML minification, gzip compression are the features that make WP Fastest Cache plugin stand out.

If you want to get higher performance from the plugin, we recommend that you buy the paid version of the WP Fastest Cache plugin. In this way, you can achieve higher page speeds. To support Turkish developers, you can use the WP Fastest Cache plugin.

4) LiteSpeed ​​Cache Plugin
This plugin differs greatly from other plugins because LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin performs caching on a server-based basis. If you are using PHP system, you can use LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin to reach high page speeds.

Caching on the server, multi-site support, API support for different optimization plugins are among the features that make LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin stand out. If your server does not support the LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin, you cannot use this plugin. If your attempts are unsuccessful, we recommend that you contact the server authorities.

5) Cache Enabler Plugin
The Cache Enabler plugin is one of the easiest to use WordPress caching plugins. Although it does not have many features, it gives successful results in caching.

If you prefer the Cache Enabler plugin, you need to adjust the cache usage time, cache behavior, shrink feature, excluded pages settings. With this plugin, you can clear cached files manually or automatically. If you need a kind of caching that will not cause you any problems, you can use the Cache Enabler plugin.